A man finishes reading a Green Lantern comic book to his son. When the story is over, the father studies the ad for bubble gum on the last page and says, “When I was a kid and read comics, they had all this stuff you could order on the back page. These amazing-sounding gizmos.”

“Like what?” his son asked.

“Oh, ray guns, X-Ray glasses, little eggs that were supposed to produced these space creatures. I used to order that stuff, and I’d just wait and wait for the mail to come.”

“Cool. Did those things really work?”

“Oh, no,” the father said and let out a chuckle. “It was all junk. Worthless stuff. The real fun was the anticipation of it, really.”

His face fell into a dreamy arrangement. 
Later that night, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a slender velvet case. He removed a pair of dark, plastic glasses with white spirals painted on the front of each lens. Then he reached over and turned the lights off and gently closed the door. He moved to the window and got into a crouching position and eased the blinds up until they were just above his head, then slid the glasses on. He wiggled the bridge over his nose until he had it just right. 
“All right, Mrs. Remington,” he whispered to himself. “What are you up to tonight?”


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